Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits of becoming a PAYMILL Partner, including having your very own dedicated account manager to oversee your referred clients applications, earning a small commission on each transaction your client completes and receiving priority on-boarding for your clients.

You will receive regular communication from your partnership manager, and you're free to contact them to help out with any issues you may have.

Our agency already partners with another service, can we still join?

Of course, we want to work with as many talented agencies and freelancers as possible, and we know that different online payment service providers are suitable for different projects.

Do we have to refer clients?

Becoming a PAYMILL Partner doesn't oblige you to refer clients to us. It's up to you when you refer your clients to PAYMILL based upon whether you think PAYMILL is suitable for that particular client.

How do we earn?

Commission is earned via each transaction that is completed. This way, everyone benefits - the larger the referral, the more everyone earns.

When do we get a payout?

All commission that you earn is paid out on a quarterly basis, when you have earned enough commission to pass the minimum threshold of €50.00. 

We don't have any e-commerce projects, should we still sign up?

We encourage any potential partners to sign up. You might not have an e-commerce project ongoing at the moment, but when approved, you will appear in our directory. Potential clients can then find you to work on their project together. 

Our customers come to us with a solution, why should we sign up?

By signing up as a PAYMILL Partner, you'll be added to our Partner Portal. This means that potential clients can find you, so you can gain additional clients.

We don't advise our customers, they find their own online payment service provider.

Becoming a Partner means that you can benefit if one of you clients chooses PAYMILL. And by becoming a Partner, you will be listed on our site for potential clients to find you.

We signed up, but don't appear on the partner portal. Why?

Before appearing on the Partner Portal, we screen all applications. We want to make sure that all of our Partners are of the highest quality, and we check each application to make sure this is the case. 

I have another question

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us via